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Breaker Panel Services in Jacksonville, FL

Count on Crawford Electric for reliable breaker panel services in Jacksonville, FL. From repairs to upgrades and replacements, we handle everything you need when it comes to your home's circuit breaker. If you think you may have a circuit breaker problem, allow us to check it out and determine if it's a breaker problem or if you may require wiring repair services

Keeping your circuit breaker in good condition is vital to the safety and functionality of your home and the appliances you use daily. With more than 30 years of experience, you're able to count on our licensed electricians to keep your breaker panels in good condition.

Reliable Circuit Breaker Repair

You may be in need of circuit breaker repair if you experience frequent power outages in your home, have to reset the fuses in your circuit breaker box. You may even notice that your breaker panel is smoking or has scorched black areas. If this is the case, our team is able to repair or replace your circuit breaker safely. In the event that your breaker panel is blown, our licensed electricians are able to completely repair it.

Panel Upgrades for Improved Efficiency

Consider upgrading your circuit breaker to improve energy efficiency in your home. With technological improvements happening often, you should always be looking into panel upgrades to save money on utilities and provide better, more even energy flow to the appliances and electronics in your home.

By maintaining a more even flow of energy to your electronics and appliances, you improve their performance and increase their lifespan. A more even power flow means your appliances don't have to work as hard to draw energy.

Technician Repairing Breaker Box in Jacksonville, FL

Breaker Panel Replacement

If you have an older home or circuit breaker, it may be time for breaker panel replacement. Allow our team to provide a high-quality replacement for your circuit breaker panel so you're able to enjoy even power flow and safe electricity in your home again. If you're experiencing frequent power outages, burning smells around your circuit breaker, or even smoke around the panel, let our licensed electricians take care of the problem.

Contact us for breaker panel services in Jacksonville, FL. Our dedicated professionals proudly serve the Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach, FL, areas.