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Generator Services in Jacksonville, FL

When you're in need of generator services in Jacksonville, FL, turn to Crawford Electric. Our qualified and licensed electricians specialize in installation, repair, and service of all brands of generators, as well as a range of other electrical repairs. If you experience frequent power outages, consider adding a generator to your home's backup plan. Be prepared when severe weather or other disasters strike and have an extra source of power available to keep your household running. 

Generator Repair for More Efficient Use

Occasionally, your generator may need repair or upkeep. Our team specializes in generator repair for all brands. If you use your generator very often or conversely, if you never use it, chances are it requires maintenance. Allow our thoroughly experienced technicians to handle all your generator repair and service needs so you have the backup power you need ready to go at a moment's notice.

Generator Installation for Backup Power

One of the most common uses of a generator is as a backup power source during severe weather like thunderstorms, tornadoes, or hurricanes. Especially during hurricane season, power outages may last for several days, so having a generator is a good idea for anyone. 

It's especially important to have a backup source of power for anyone who lives with elderly residents, children, or chronically ill people. These people are especially prone to high or low temperatures, humidity, and may have medications that require refrigeration. With generator installation, you're able to ensure the safety of your more vulnerable family members by having a backup source of power.

Residential Generator in Jacksonville, FL

Keep Appliances Running Through Power Outages

Even if you live on your own, going days without power is just a hassle. Living without lights, refrigeration, or the ability to cook hot food is sure to make you wish you'd invested in a generator. Allow our licensed electricians to provide all your generator services before you need them.

Ensure Proper Installation by a Professional

Make sure your generator is properly installed by allowing our trained professionals to handle your generator installation. We have been trained in the installation and upkeep of virtually all brands of generator and know the right way to set each one up to provide the most reliable source of power.

Contact us for generator services in Jacksonville, FL. We proudly serve the Jacksonville, Ponte Vedra, Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, and Atlantic Beach, FL, areas.